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Based on ERC-6551

Aggregate on-chain identities

What is .Kid:

.Kid stands for the Web3 World User Behavior Identity Protocol, serving as a passport and travel permit for users in the Web3 world. It is based on ERC-6551 (aggregate on-chain identity).

What .Kid brings to partners:

By accessing the KID protocol, partners can seamlessly onboard KID users into their platforms. Additionally, your product logo will appear on users' KID homepages, enhancing brand exposure and creating a precise traffic gateway.

What .Kid brings to users:

KID serves as an honor and airdrop proof for users in the Web3 world. Users can mint their honors obtained in both the Web2 and Web3 worlds into NFTs, freely combining and showcasing them on their KID homepages. As open users based on the KID protocol, they can use KID as their entrance to the Web3 world and also receive airdrop rewards from different project teams.

What .Kid brings to creators:

Creators can mint their achievements, such as the number of fans and work data from different platforms into NFT badges, showcasing them on their personal KID homepages. These badges can serve as proof of their own influence while also helping creators secure more collaboration opportunities.

What .Kid brings to project teams:

Project teams can quickly find target user segments for their projects through the KID data analysis. They can also swiftly and precisely carry out project airdrops using the airdrop tools provided by the KID open platform.


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